Saraswati Nagpal

Saraswati Nagpal is the choreographer for and lead dancer in the documentary film, Ganga – River Eternal. She is also the female solo vocalist for the film.

Writer, Poet and Performing Artist, Saraswati Nagpal has explored a variety of dance forms along her artistic journey. Her choreography often has strong elements of the rhythmic elegance of Kathak as well as the earthy grace and form of Odissi.

Saraswati has taught dance and movement to children and adults around the world, and staged productions with her former dance company ‘Circle of Light’ in Delhi. Her passion for dance has led her through the grounding in Indian classical styles of Kathak and Bharatanatyam to adventures with Manipuri, Odissi, contemporary dance and belly dancing.

Saraswati is also a classically trained vocalist and lends the female solo voice in ‘Ganga River Eternal’. Through her various languages of creative expression: words, dance and music, Saraswati reaches for the experience of beauty.

This film has been a test of endurance and a gift of beauty, all woven in a long journey from conception to fulfillment. Nursing a recent ligament tear in my knee whilst choreographing, rehearsing, and shooting for this film is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Traversing the shoot terrain was daunting, but Swapna’s vision held us all. Sai Ganesh’s melodic voice and composition created a beautiful synergy amongst us dancers. And of course, the surreal experience of dancing upon and beside the majestic river Ganga was a great blessing.

Saraswati Nagpal